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If Uncharted 3 was a high end magazine add, it’d be this. Just saying.


unrated-g said: The other thing is we still have no idea exactly what happened or how, other than the triple debunked “forced out” IGN report. And given how I’ve seen these things go in the past, and at my current job, we just don’t know either side of anything…

No, it’s true that we don’t really know either side of anything and it’s likely we never will. Maybe someone at Sony just didn’t like what was happening and ND had to bend a little to their will to keep their relationship with the company in line with what it has been and Hennig just wasn’t okay with that. Maybe it was an in-house decision. Maybe Amy Hennig started a cult in the basement of the Santa Monica studio building and ritualistically sacrificed seventeen interns and ND and/or Sony was like ‘Amy, look. We had a deal that you could only sacrifice fifteen interns per fiscal year. You’ve gone too far.’

But it doesn’t really matter what happened. What matters is that Amy Hennig left over creative differences and, as the creative director of the franchise, it’s still pretty crappy that she didn’t get to see it through to the end. Because literally the only version of this that is okay is Amy Hennig being like ‘you know what, I love these characters but I have better things to do so I’m going to step back’ and I think all of us know how invested she is in the franchise and I, at least, feel I can say with a cetain level of certainty that she didn’t just wake up one morning and go ‘you know what? Naaah.’

But what do I know.


this is suicide and you k n o w i t

     just go

Kiku, when you said you were making something to break my heart, I never expected it to be this.


airplane sketchwork

because everyone wants to see my hand right

(bonus WIP to completion for anyone that likes knowing how I speedpaint; finished piece here)

Finished speedpaint of Elena and Chloe from Uncharted! thanks to everyone who sat in and kept me company and listened to me wail about my girls :)

Now that the first leg of my moving has been done I’m going to attempt to be around here more often, so keep an eye out for more Livestreams!

small note to anyone that might’ve sent me emails this month: gmail has given me issues with my spam folder and I’m having to go back and comb through it all to resolve them (that’s a lot of mail to scan) please don’t feel bad about emailing me again to make sure I got a copy, but if not I ought to have tracked down all wayward mail within the next few days.

Terrible things: Order AU Chloe and Talbot + Charlie stuck in the middle of a painfully heated disagreement between the two.

A question by avali


It’s quiet; the calm before the storm in the back of that long, sleek black town car. Cutter can practically hear the space someone will soon be very angry in -like the smell of ozone before it rains.

Absolutely no one speaks on drive from the airstrip so the only sound is the vibration of the car’s wheels on the pavement. If he closed he eyes, he would know instinctively where they were by the sound of asphalt, paving stones, cobblestone, back to asphalt. He spends the whole trip to the underground carefully constructing and dismissing escape routes he’ll take once they’ve reached their destination; the closer they get, the more knotted his stomach becomes. He can’t quite pinpoint why.

There’s things to be done, which is how he’ll excuse himself. He’ll point out that he’s got two chapters to cipher through by tomorrow afternoon and he doesn’t have time to play witness to whatever knock out, drag down fight Talbot and Frazer are planning to have. Charlie thinks, very secretly - the smallest thought so it won’t show anywhere on his face - that he might try to slip away and call Nate. Hell, Sully even.

—(It’s early enough in the day. There’s no reason to think they won’t answer this time.)—

But when the car’s parked, Frazer slides out of the sedan’s backseat like a snake dropping from a branch. She waits until they’re all outside the car before she says, almost dismissively, “Well that went well,” to Talbot across the top of the car.

A muscle in the man’s cheek jumps as he sets his jaw. He closes the sedan door and moves around the rear bumper of the car. Charlie follows him with his eyes from where he’s standing at Frazer’s heel (which is a matter of happenstance, not habit) but that doesn’t actually make him prepared for when Talbot rounds to their side and casually, like he’s been thinking about it since before they even left Singapore, grabs him by the throat and forces him back against the side of the car.

"Talbot!" Frazer shouts, but only because Talbot has a knife. In the pause her voice breeds, Charlie punches Talbot so hard he can feel the shock of it go right up through his knuckles and elbow, lodging in his shoulder.

It gets Talbot off him anyway.

"What the fuck’s that all about?" Charlie demands, closing in on him as Talbot staggers back. His nose is bleeding. There’s blood all over his mouth and chin, staining the collar of his expensive, pressed, beautiful white shirt.

Talbot’s looking at him, but then he’s not: he’s looking past him, across his shoulder to where Frazer likely still is. He drops the knife, spreads his hands. Lets his nose bleed freely. “You did nothing, Cutter,” he says. Charlie doesn’t know if it’s a personal attack or not - some comment on his character or how he performed on the job (and he did well, hadn’t he? Fucking hell, he’d smashed that poor bastard’s face in because he’d been told to and if that isn’t enough to earn some respect, to earn some trust, he doesn’t know what is). Whatever it is, it’s offensive so he goes for him: reaches for the lapels of Talbot’s jacket. He’s going to get him under his arm, punch the side of his head until the man sags. He shouldn’t have dropped the knife, Cutter thinks.

Frazer’s needle lodging in the side of his neck stings. He winces, nose wrinkling. Lip pulling back. He twists away from under her hand and Talbot steps out of the way so he won’t get caught by Charlie’s shoulder.

There’s a moment there, taking three steps back from them, that Charlie can almost close his hands on something - how the taste in his mouth is familiar, how his neck’s peppered with small scars he’s convinced himself was a bad fall on gravel or something like it, but then it’s sliding away and his fists are empty. He slowly lowers himself, breathing heavy - crouches to touch the ground and steady himself off it. Or off the sedan’s bumper. The driver must still be there, the keys still in the ignition. The tail lights are still on.

The red glows hot on his skin. He squints past it as Frazer moves in, looking past her to where Talbot is mopping at his bloody nose with his sleeve.

"That was stupid," Talbot says.

Frazer’s hand falls on the back of Cutter’s neck, heavy like a something he’d need a key to get out of.  Yes,” she bites back. “It was.”

Charlie gets the distinct feeling she’s not talking to him.

Mass Effect 30 Day Meme


And the TL;DR continues today with:

Day 2. Male or Female Shepard? Why?

Female Shepard, always.

"But Abby, have you even played Broshep?" Yes, though to be fair not all the way through to the end of ME3 and my default argument is because I feel that Jennifer Hale really does do such a superior job to Broshep’s VA that it seems ridiculous to do anything BUT play Shepard as female. But there are other reasons for it too like how I think it’s significant that you can choose to make whatever kind of Shepard you want, and how amazing it is to have a female character cast as the hero in a science fiction epic. How having Shepard be a she creates all these wonderful storytelling opportunities that feel fresh and re-purposed. How, in a game about the cyclical nature of history and how small changes can radically shift context, a female cast in the traditionally male protagonist’s role in a story about duty and honor and self sacrifice and the lengths to which a person goes to save a universe that doesn’t necessarily love or respect them at all times is not only extremely special in terms of ‘noteworthy female characters in video gaming’ ways, but also really exciting in terms of character reflecting core narrative storytelling elements.

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Because Abby expressed everything I could want to say for day 2!

Mass Effect 30 day meme: day 1 

Favorite game of the series:

Hoo boy. That is a rough question to start with, namely because in my opinion 2 & 3 are on some very equal ground. I’ll start by saying despite my love of 2, there were areas where it was deeply lacking, and despite the beautiful story in 3, visually I have some heavy issues. 

But I’ll start in order: 

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I’m gonna go through and thank you all once I have the time, but seriously, thank you guys for the wishes and kind words; they mean so much to me right now. I know I’m not around as much as I’d like to be, but I appreciate the chance to be a part of your lives and for all the interactions (direct or indirect) that we have. 

You’ve made my day, seriously.




her name is avali & she is my best friend!!  i have known her for five years and throughout that span of time she has been unfaltering in her kindness and support.  she’s the kind of friend who hugs you when you need it — but who tells the truth when you need that, too.  

i’ve spent so many nights doubting myself, crying in fear and misery, and avali has always been there to hold my hand.  she makes a person feel wanted, talented, and interesting, and she gives out encouragement wherever and whenever she can.  

we’ve done a lot together, baby girl.  no matter happens, you can always call on me.  i love you.  thank you for bringing so much beauty into my life.

 Lyn I don’t know what to say I love you so much…;; Whatever I’ve done for you, you’ve done for me twice over and I will never forget that. You’re my best friend and thank you, so much, for everything.