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pre-commission work warmup sketch of my Renegon lady Shepard!

how to love a world that you don’t understand


He can’t pinpoint the exact moment when his opinion changed.  Initially, he hadn’t known what to think of the voice on the radio, and he knew even less when that voice suddenly said his name.  And kept saying it, often accompanied by words rarely applied to him—or anyone—so publicly; words of hyperbolic adoration; words typically confined to a diary with a heart-shaped lock and a secret place under the bed.  The dreams of a teenager, sighed to the entire population.

Carlos listened to these Trapper Keeper exaltations while working in his lab.  Night Vale teemed with samples to analyze: scales from a lizard dropped by the glow cloud; skin cells from a man with a sentient rash; a feather from one of the angels.  A scrap of fabric from the hood of a hooded figure, found snagged on the fence of the dog park and quickly snatched up when the wind pulled it free.  Carlos had that scrap locked in a black, steel reinforced box; it hummed irritably at him whenever he tried to handle it.

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Night Vale words that warm my heart. 

I need some advice, Tumblr!

I’m getting set up with a side blog— something less personal and more official for reporting opinions on games, art, designs and the like— and I figured that this is a great opportunity to hear what sorts of things you would like to hear me chit chat about. (Game opinions, concept art, industry information or the process of how art is pieced together, convention reports for things like Blizzcon, etc etc) I’d also be willing to share step by step tutorials on how I work if that’s something that seems interesting, in addition to resources and reference materials for my fellow art students/ enthusiasts. 

So if you have any opinions on it, I’d love to hear them, and if not, well, that’s all right; I’ll let it slide just this once. 


Also don’t forget that I am much easier to touch base with and talk to via my Twitter (bless you, reliable Twitter notifications) and that I’ll be hosting a tiny contest at the beginning of next month! 

the door in the desert


Carlos stands before the door, thinking.  It’s a standard issue door, by all accounts: made of oak, carved with simple panels, nicked and weather-beaten in some places.  The  door is not covered with esoteric sigils, smears of dried blood, or vague warnings scrawled in a dead language.  It is merely a door, the kind a person might expect on any number of residential American streets.

But Carlos is in the desert, the neighborhood only of small skittering lizards and distant, howling coyotes.  There’s a cactus about three feet to the left of him, and a bird he can’t categorize – a vulture, maybe, but much smaller and with several more talons than usual – perches on top of it.  The bird stares at Carlos with intense, expectant interest.

The doorknob isn’t anything special, either.  It is exactly what anyone would imagine, were they to picture the average doorknob.  It is not ornate, it is not crafted from ancient, ominously glowing metal.  Carlos notes that there’s no apparent keyhole on either side of the door; that, in fact, he cannot tell which way the thing opens at all.

Numerous chains are looped around the door, placed there by the farmer, John Peters.  Carlos thinks he could remove them without much trouble.

The wind unsettles the sand around his shoes (sensible boots in a drab color; appropriate for desert walks), kicks up an eddy that scatters sand grains across the lapel of his lab coat.  This wind is the only sound in his ears.

 Aside from the knocking, of course.

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Mobsters and Monsters is on sale now!

MOBSTERS & MONSTERS is a themed comic anthology featuring stories about mobsters, monsters, and the places they meet. It clocks in at over 70 pages of beautiful color and b&w comics by seven amazing artists!
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I hope that you guys will really enjoy all these comics! It would be really awesome if you could reblog this post and help us out :>

They did a fabulous job with this! Check it out :)

Commissions Open again!


Because I need to eat. :’)

I’d like to say first and foremost that these commissions will be slow while I finish up school (1-2 months), but if you don’t mind bearing with me, I am offering 20 slots for 15$ black and white bust sketches 25$ color character busts AND, making a comeback after forever and a day, full illustrations!

Instructions/ information below the cut. v

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i spent 2night cuddling avali and forcing her to listen to night vale ◡‿◡✿

It was such a good night in the middle of such a busy week. c’:


It’s been a while since I did one of these but I’ve got a lot of work to do and little selfish scribbles between storyboards is a great way for me to stay motivated. Put you art requests in my askbox. Sorry though; they probably won’t be very fancy.


You do such an amazing job with Chloe. Is she your favorite to draw?

A question by nathandrakeismylover

Thank you so much, but no!

—just kidding, she and Charlie are my absolute favorites and I’m sure it’s painfully obvious. It is also entirely Prosodi’s fault. 

That said, I do have a blast drawing everyone else from Uncharted by default. They’re definitely a cast that I will never tire of and never forget. c:


Just a small notice that as I am finishing the last few commissions from last session, I will be reopening commissions later tomorrow after the last set is completed— and this time both full commissions and sketch commissions with be available for purchase!

Thanks to everyone for being so patient with me while I work through school and travel, and for all your support and kind words. :) <3

((unimportant sidenote: I also joined that horribly addictive dragon game Flight Rising, and though I don’t really have time to play, if anyone would like to add me my account is here! Ten points to anyone that can accurately guess where all my dragon names came from.))


Miss Chloe Frazer that I commissioned to the wonderful Avali.
(Posted, with her permission )

Chloe has to be my favourite character in the uncharted series, and I thought I couldn’t possibly love her more. I stand corrected.
Thank you so much for your hard work ! I really love it ! \o/

It’s not very often that I get to draw the characters I am addicted to; this was an absolute treat c: