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I just love how Korra is working on breaking those stereotypes!




People don’t want to watch female action leads? HA.

People of color in main and important roles? HA.

Releasing it online means people won’t watch it on tv? HA. HA.

I dont really think she’s supposed to be a person of color, I think shes just tan haha idk I could easily be wrong but thats how i see it, not that it matters! 

Korra is from the Southern Water Tribe which is based on Inuit culture (I think) which makes her non-white/non-Caucasian. Pretty much everyone from the water tribes have dark skin, not tanned white skin. :)

Both water tribes are based heavily on Inuit culture, you are absolutely correct. Pretty much everyone in Avatar is a PoC, as their world is Asian culture / mythology influenced.

Diversity is appealing and interesting, this is one thing that artists, writers and musicians are encouraged to explore and include in everything they do, as the same thing every time gets -boring-. Embrace the diversity that the Avatar series offers. Love it, accept it, let it feed your imagination with all the things most executives fear will not make them money.

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      Can’t wait to see which white girl is going to play her in the live action movie.
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