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TL;DR: Parade raining on, etc.

I debated saying something about this for a while now, probably because I hate the ‘stop being so happy there are bad things going on in the world’ card. It’s not that I’m trying to bring anyone down, in fact, there’s nothing I want more than to see people happy. Let’s be honest here, life is pretty depressing for everyone, and we all need a cup of cheer every now and then.

But there’s a line that really needs to be drawn. Not because of social issues, or because you need to be a Better Person, but because it’s reality, and even at our happiest we need to at least have a little perspective on things. 

Homestuck fandom, good job. Sincerely, I mean that. It’s fantastic that you have a community that is so willing to come together and support the same goal— and its creator, which is something most fandoms only feign at till it comes time to pay up. Raising 700k in so little time is a feat that is, bottom line, insane. You did something most kickstarters won’t ever do, and that’s something you deserve to be happy about.

But, on the other side of things, there are kickstarters out there for matters that are imminent and dire, like the attempt to save Pe’sla, like charity drives for people who are dying, or without water, and they need that support so much more. This isn’t a guilt trip, it’s a fact, and it’s something you can promote and cheer on just as much. Hussie met his goal, these drives? They’re not. Pe’sla’s been out and about getting tons of signal boosting, and in nearly a month they’ve only made about 300k.

So if you see someone waving around that they’re going to spend more money on a cause that’s already been fulfilled, maybe try to change their mind and point them to another kickstarter that’s in need. Ask about the possibility of the funds already raised beyond the goal being donated to specific charities, and put this totally awesome community to work getting some serious ass kicked in terms of bettering things out there for people in need, because you know you can better than most anyone else out there! 

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