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Fear Of A Black Spider-Man



So Marvel chose to reveal the identity of the new Spider-Man in Ultimate Fallout #4 out in shops tomorrow, last night, to USA Today. (We had an earlier version in May, obviously)

And this is how the USA Today audience reacted. These are comments that haven’t been removed for being offensive.


“Why does everytning have to be politicaly correct?”

“Why not make him a dyslexic homosexual too, and cover all the politically correct bases, then we will really be “enlightened””

“Enough of this politically correct, racist nonsense.”

“Wow ! …..The Obama press corps is in action !”

“Well, if you’re gonna go that far, then why not also make him 3’5″ and call him a “little person”; and if you wanna really get wild and crazy, let him be “hearing and speech” impaired and “visually challenged” in one eye. Oh, how I love all this PC-ness. It makes my black, weight challenged, age impaired butt feel so warm and fuzzy. LOL! Peace to all. (If things keep up the way they are going in Washington, D.C. we will soon find out that we’re all brothers regardless of race, gender, religious conviction, etc……………..because we’ll all be sharing love while standing in line for a loaf of bread ! ! ! !” !

“baraks psycho-ops for re-election is just starting, if a conservative wrote this he {or she } would be labeled rascist..”

“Shame on Marvel Comics! This is not diversity; this is a disgrace! Spiderman was Peter Parker, and Peter Parker was white. Create a new character if you want to prove that Marvel Comics is “diverse”. Minorities are typically less than 18% of the population, but they seem to get nearly 100% of the history. Why should white children not have a comic book hero that they can identify with?”

“I just heard Bill Cosby is going to turn Fat Albert and his gang into a skinny half WHITE and half ASIAN dudes and move him to a small “Southern town that is only 3% BLACK.”

“Well, that nails it. Spidey’s dead to me.”

“Just what we need. Why not Hispanic?”

“It’s not in the budget, mijo. Because to genuinely represent us, there’d need to be a Spiderchica, a Spidermadre, a Spiderhermano, a Spiderbuildingsuperintendent, a Spidersocialworker, some Spidercholos, and we’d all drive around in a little tiny 1990 Honda Spidercoachasito with big speakers, a spoiler and a turbo muffler.”

“More politically correct stupidity! If the Spider Man series I read in the Sunday papers EVER changes from good ole white Peter Parker, I’ll simply cease to read it. If the PC nuts want to have super heros who represent other ethnic groups along with various sexual perversions then let them create new ones from scratch and leave our time cherished traditional heros alone!”

“What some people will do for money.It has nothing to do with the storyline as much as padding the wallet.What’s next,a muslim spiderman who enforces sharia law or perhaps a jewish one with webs that look like the star of david or the ultimate PC spiderman there could be.A homosexual spiderman that shoots rainbow webs and is basically an easy going spider unless you ruffle his feathers and then oh no girl,you didn’t go there.”

“Peter Parker could not be whiter. A black boy under the mask just don`t look right. This opens up a whole new story line with a whole new set of problems. Who is going to believe a black man in a mask is out for the good of man kind?”

“What will he say when he runs into a criminal? “Sup Foo? Dis is MY ‘hood!””

“Maybe Bruce Banner should have turned black when he “Hulked Out” as a symbol of African American rage for centuries of oppression.” Then he could rampage through suburban America wreaking havoc in Starbucks and The Gap and Old Navy stores. Go get ‘em Bro-Hulk!!!!!!

“What streets will he be protecting?? Oakland? Brooklyn? New Orleans? East LA?? LOL”

“wheeraa da white women aatt?”

“What’s next? A Spiderman who is half black, half Cuban gay vegetarian who works as a Community organizer and drives a Prius that practices Tai Chi?”

“I want to see his birth certificate.”

“Its “Spider Minority”. Gawd what a joke.”

“That’s just dangerous. With spider powers, just think how much stuff he could steal, if he was not so lazy.”

“I won’t be reading this. No problem with superheroes who are minorities, but killing of a white guy just so you can be politically correct by replacing him with a bi-racial alternative is goofy.”

“Of course not every post was along these lines. Just, you know most of them. Here’s an exception…”

“Gotta admit, I love this. I’m not one of those race baiting liberals, but as a kid growing up with 0 major super heroes who looked anything like me, I’m glad that my kids will get to see this.”

“Also glad that there’s finally a black Disney princess…this is one of those things a non-minority just couldn’t understand. It doesn’t take kids long to realize that all the main characters look like someone else and all the sidekicks and extras look like you.”

“This is a good thing…not saying it’s going to change the world, but it will change some kid’s outlook on the world.”

 “Shame on Marvel Comics! This is not diversity; this is a disgrace! Spiderman was Peter Parker, and Peter Parker was white. Create a new character if you want to prove that Marvel Comics is “diverse”. Minorities are typically less than 18% of the population, but they seem to get nearly 100% of the history. Why should white children not have a comic book hero that they can identify with?”

Why should white children not have a comic book hero that they can identify with?

Why should white children not have a comic book hero that they can identify with?

white heroes for children. they’re hard to find.

I can’t believe so many people think something as ridiculous as this. It makes me want to flip a table. 

Kudos to the few who actually understand that this is a good thing. 

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      It’s not Peter Parker….who, by the way, is still around and perfectly healthy in regular Spider-man.
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      People are shitty at hiding their racism, you know why? They’re too goddamn stupid to hide it, which is probably why...
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