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Color practice scribble of Talbot. Trying to attempt different kinds of lighting once a day at least. 

My favorite map in Uncharted 3 with my favorite characters. Thanks to Unrated-g for goofing off with me for so long!

Also look at that swag detailing on Talbot’s arm micro. Silver filigree, you brat. 

Just some silly genderswapped practice of Nate and Flynn. It’s not really the ideal outfits/hair/facial structure/whatnot that’s floating around in my brain, but I just wanted to scribble them out because it’s cathartic. 

Finished painting from Livestream! I recently started RPing miss Chloe, so I needed an appropriate image for her IC inbox. Nevermind that her cell phone is usually broken.

Sketch that I was working on when the computer restarted itself. I didn’t have the full version saved, so this is all that’s left. Sob.

Shippy light refraction practice sketch. Could be Flynn/ Chloe, Flynn/ Elena, Flynn/ Nate with oddly skinny arms. IDK.

Talbot doodle done using brushes I don’t normally use like cloud brushes, larger brushes, etc for practice that’s outside the box. Talbot I love your stupid fat face. 

Quick warmup sketch of old times.

"Easy, sunshine. You’ll be all right."

Some Chloe and Elena. Because I love them so very much. <3

Lady Lazarevic, Lady Eddy and Lady Talbot in the houuuse. 

Commission for my good friend Unrated-G! He wanted some bb Nate sketching away in his journal. 

EYYYYY BAYBEI believe I can flyI believe I can touch the skyWhatcha thinkin boutOh Lazarevic, ohhh.This is self explanitory, I think. Lazzy, my body is ready.

This is how it happened in Uncharted 2, right? 

A few happier adventures.